Top 5 Tools To Check Duplicate Content

Top 5 Tools To Check Duplicate Content (2)

Duplicity of content is nowadays practised a lot. Duplicate content in field of SEO refers to content that appears on more than one web page.  When any page seems to contain same content, search engines, may penalize them. This can be further explained as below.

If you are a website owner, you must ensure that your website’s page contains original data. There should be no duplicity of content because if search engine finds it, they may penalize your website for containing plagiarized content, this is something you don’t want. It could also be possible that others or unscrupulous digital marketers may also steal your data as your site is gaining more traffic, they may see that your website is ranking well, they might also try to outrank you on search engines.

Tools to Find Duplicate Content on Website

  1. – This tool offers you two options as first you can copy/paste the content and second enter the URL of the site, it also provides you to skip URL when searching if you want.
  2. CopyScape – It only helps you to search by entering the URL. The results display the content and websites that have similar content. Click on any URL and a detailed report of copied content highlighted in red will be displayed.
  3. – This is the top rated site listed by google, it’s easy to use and free. You can copy or paste text > Upload a file > Enter the URL of the web page.
  4. Plagiarism Detector – The next plagiarism checker is This gives you the option to copy/paste text, excluding URL and check by URL. This gives you result in percentage form. It presents content entered in left column, and plagiarized content in red highlighted colour.
  5. Siteliner – You can enter the URL you want to check, and it will scan the pages of URL and then check for plagiarism.

These all the above stated tools help you to check for the duplicity of your content by other users. Search engines do not show multiple pages that contains similar content. They display the pages that best match the user’s query. It becomes important matter of concern that when many web pages containing similar content, it affects the website ranking and may cause it to vanish from SERPs.


Hence, we can say that to avoid the duplicity of content you must regularly check that your content is not being stolen, copied or duplicated. Most of the duplication of content can be controlled. For external issues you can either get in touch with the sites that copied your content without your permission, or you can also get registered on DMCA and get badge. This badge will get you to know your scrapers and content copiers.